Episode 25

April 23, 2020

Episode 25 - The consciousness behind BDSM, a talk with an author

Does BDSM sexual deviance? Is it preference? Is it possible to become addicted to it? And why does it inspire and stimulate us? Conversation with writer Michal Vision

Episode 25


Who's Afraid of BDSM?

Well, truthfully, I was, a little. Well, fear may not be the exact word, but when I was hearing about the Dungeon Club in Tel Aviv, or when I saw on television an implicit scene of control, I would have resolved the matter as "not for me".

Recently, the phenomenon of controlling relations seems to be taking the stage. For example, in the TV series "Billions", in articles on the mainstream media, and suddenly we realize that BDSM has been there all the time. It was just us - the mass consciousness - that didn't notice.

Therefore, when I heard about Michal Hazon's new book, "As you wish", I knew this was a good opportunity for an open and honest conversation about the phenomenon of controlling relationships.

Among the topics that we discussed in this episode:

- "As you wish" - what is the book about? Does it belong to the "erotic literature" category? The author's agenda and her message.
- What is BDSM? Is it beyond a sexual fetish?
- Do controlled relationships have to have a sexual nature? Do they have other expressions in daily life?
- "The pleasures of love are in direct proportion to fear" (Standahl)? Is fear aphrodisiac, arousing desire?
- Why do people choose a relationship of control?
- Are control relationships natural to human nature or are they abnormal? Do we each have the need to control/be controlled?
- Crying as a soothing element, pain as a catalyst for crying.
- In BDSM a tool for achieving intimacy in a relationship?
- Is it possible to become addicted to BDSM, and is it necessarily bad?

An Important note: The episode deals with sex controlled relationships, with the aim of understanding the consciousness behind the phenomenon. If the content may hurt your feelings or put you off balance, you should exercise judgment before listening.

Credit: I read the book by Michal Hazon "As you wish", courtesy of the application IVRIT. You can too, and the first episode is free.

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Have an enjoyable and consciousness-expanding listening 🙏


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